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Digital Editions for iPad & iPhone

We are proud to announce the iPad / iPhone solution is now available to Pro customers* - you can now order your branded 'Apps'! Meaning your titles will be available on the world's largest newsstand and you can reach the millions of people worldwide with an iPhone or iPad.

This is the first exciting stage in our partners technology development that will let you 'publish once to everywhere'. The next stage will see your publications available on all other eReader and mobile applications.

How it works

Pro customers*, first purchase your very own 'App' for your title or brand, which will house your publications. Then every time you publish your digital editions, you can also self publish your iPad / iPhone editions to your 'App' (or we can do it for you).

Once you purchase your 'App' we will then submit for approval by Apple. Once approved, you'll be able to publish your digital editions to your 'App' and sell or give away via the Apple Store. Readers with an iPhone or iPad are notified when each new publication is available - either to buy or for free, depending on the model you choose.

Richard Stephenson - Chairman & CEO of Yudu Media

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How do I make money?

  1. The 'App' - via Apple's 'App' Store: either charge or give for free to encourage more downloads.
  2. Your content - via Apple's Store: Charge for single issues, subscriptions (coming soon) or free.


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More information

For more information on the iPad / iPhone 'App' email: [email protected] or call: 08450 340964

* We can build branded 'Apps' for anyone but the iPad / iPhone publishing system is part of the Pro platform, so only Pro customers can publish to the 'Apps'.

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