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SmartADS is a new feature that allows publishers to generate additional revenue by streaming targeted adverts into their digital publications from an integrated ad serving network.

No need to repurpose your content.

SmartADS technology can eliminate the need for costly repurposing of your content. To activate you simply choose were you would like the adverts to go and indicate the relevant categories and then let us do the rest.

How does SmartADS work?


SmartTABS are coloured tabs that sit along the inside edge of your pages and can be set to open automatically on page turn or when clicked. SmartTABS are a great way to sell additional advertising space alongside your editorial content, without obscuring that content.

Add video, flash or static ads into SmartTABS

Alternatively they can be used to include additional content for your readers, such as text or rich media. So by using SmartTABS you can now provide extra space for advertising or additional content, without the need to change page layouts.

How does SmartTABS work?

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