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Liverpool FC Spring/Summer 2009 – Visitor Analysis

Number of Visits : 67634
Number of Visitors : 51873
Avg. Visit Length (sec) : 207.23
Average Number of Visits : 1.3
Number of return visitors : 8878
Number of visitors who did not return : 42995

Rhodes 24 at Tower 42 – Visitor Analysis

Number of Visits : 32558
Number of Visitors : 25808
Avg. Visit Length (sec) : 92.21
Average Number of Visits : 1.26
Number of return visitors : 3707
Number of visitors who did not return : 22101

Rhodes 24


Our statistics package provides a variety of statistics about your digital edition. We are able to provide statistics between pre set dates, with a daily, weekly, monthly or hourly report granularity. These statistics can be displayed in a table format, a csv file or a graph.

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